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Puppy Gender
Please do not submit a deposit until your application has been approved and we have instructed you that a puppy in the current litter is available for you. SELECT your puppy gender preference. Deposits are non-refundable.
Kindred & Sparkle litter Puppy Specifics This litter’s parents are: Sire: Kindred Breed: AKC St. Poodle Dam: Sparkle Breed: AKC Old English Sheepdog Arrived: August 27, 2020 Ready: October 22, 2020 Price: $1800* Deposit to hold: $500 non-refundable *Part of the proceeds of a puppy goes towards the raising and training of Service Dogs for disabled individuals. Please submit an application if you are interested in one of these puppies.
Please view the Purchase Specifics page to learn about our policies regarding placement.
Sire: Kindred
POSH puppy deposit
ARRIVED 8/27/20
Dam: Sparkle Female 1 Female 2 Male 1 Male 2
8-27-20 Day of Birth
Male 3 Male 4
For a Size Reference Here’s the First Born Puppy
This was a long labor & delivery. Sparkle began having signs of labor on Thursday afternoon. I was hoping for an early evening delivery. But, the first puppy wasn’t born until nearly 10:00 PM and the last puppy arrived after 8:00 this morning. Whelping, like childbirth, is a messy affair.
Male 5
Sadly, Male puppy #5 did not make it past his first 24 hours. He was wanted (3 people put him first on their list of puppies they wanted) and he was loved during his very short time here on Earth.